i lost my phone. damn. started a band. hooray. we’re called zola budd and we’re writing and recording and all that. other than that, i’m helping organising oxjam chiswick, and trying to get some producer gigs. and money. i need some money. here’s a picture of me campaigning at y not.


i haven’t posted for a long while, but i feel like i need to now. i have been blindsided: the cabin is being buffeted by a turbulence¬†unforeseen and the air pressure is dropping and i dont know what to do except write these hollow empty lonely words to you. this wasnt how i pictured it, all glistening and glowing and perfect. this is something else. something better and something worse. i need it because i feel it shaping me, and i know its shaped you too. i hope greater good comes of this. i hope


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